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Today the terms “Risk Services” and “Risk Management” are used broadly in the market and do not reflect their true technical meaning.

For instance, “buying insurance” is not risk management but merely one of several techniques in terms of “Risk Response Methodology”, the latter, again, a sub-discipline of Risk Management dealing with implicitly addressing “uncertainty”.

In layman terms, Risk Management could be described as the practice of being:

  • prepared

  • understanding your internal and external environment

  • understanding your exposure to existing or emerging risk factors

  • maximising upside risk and minimising downside risk

Proactive organisations, big and small, must therefore adopt more innovative risk management practices to better meet the challenges of today’s new business landscape, taking into account all stakeholders, both internal and external.

Few medium and small enterprises are aware of, or have the knowledge and capabilities to implement a suitable risk program.

The status quo Risk Responses are unsustainable, being overly manual, reactive and isolated.

How can we add value?

  • Our approach strictly follows the ISO 31000 Risk Management guidelines and is fully integrated into every service offering.


  • Our aim is to assist organisations to adapt effective operational risk capabilities that are flexible, nimble and efficient to address uncertainties which may have an effect organisational objectives.

      How will this benefit you?

  • Substantial saving of money, starting with more effective allocation of risk transfer expenditure


  • Holistic vision of your business, going forward


  • Minimising downside risk and maximising upside risk


  • Making risk management an integral part of your “business as usual” (BAU) management

Leger offers

Without any cost, implementation principles of Risk Management, ISO 31000 procedures and guidelines, as it pertains to your business

We guarantee that, if implemented, your resources spent will contribute exponentially to your bottom line whist ensuring business continuity.