“You must lose a fly

to catch a trout"

Businesses and individuals today need to understand the psychology of risk as an additional key factor in risk metrics. With this always in mind, Leger is a specialist insurance and risk consultancy firm offering bespoke solutions to medium-to-large enterprises and high net worth individuals.
We strive to be more than insurance brokers by our emphasis on forward thinking and providing client-specific, expertise-driven, risk management solutions. The team deeply values constant innovation.  We want to be partners and creators of flexible solutions at the coalface of risk.

–George Herbert



We offer integrated financial products and services

to both individuals and corporates:

Corporate Solutions

  • Mining Rehabilitation

  • Utility (ESKOM, Transnet)

  • Fuel Industry

  • Custom

  • Performance Guarantee


Personal Wealth Solutions

  • Wealth Protection      and Legacy Planning

  • Contingent Liabilities

  • Agreements

  • Resolutions

Insurance Products

  • Assets All Risks

  • Commercial / Property

  • Marine

  • Aviation

  • Specialised Liability

  • Trade Credit

  • Personal


  • Cyber Risk Mitigationand Warranties

  • Guarantees

  • Premium Finance

  • Strategic Risk Consulting

  • Fire Risk Assessments including assistance with Rational Designs and Fire Protection Plans

Ready to find out more?

This is a brave new business world.  We will integrate seamlessly into your distinct risk management program.