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​REX - RENTAL EXTEND is an innovative solution tailor-made specifically for franchise-related business owners. 

REX enables existing as well as new franchises to improve their cash flow or working capital by unlocking funds/liabilities that are tied up in their Deposit Guarantees submitted to landlords.


Most lease agreements require that a tenant provide an initial deposit of at least three (3) months rent, tenants normally source these guarantees from their banks at less than favourable financial terms.


  • A structured guarantee solution offered in partnership with a leading insurance company

  • Accepted by most commercial landlords in SA

  • Critical tool in unlocking working capital or cash flows in a business

  • Designed specifically for franchise related businesses

  • Off-balance sheet solution – premium qualifies for a deduction in terms of tax

  • Cost effective – flexible terms

  • Collateral requirement (security supporting guarantee) can be “build-up” over time

  • Guarantee wording identical to banks (Demand Guarantee Wording)


• Financials statements (3 years if possible)
• Latest management accounts (not older than 4 months)
• Cash flow forecast

Please complete application form

and email to

or fax to 08663231381.

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Depending on the financial strength of the business collateral requirements vary between 10% and 30% of facility. Collateral can be cash, investments, cession of shares or fixed deposit, 2nd bond over immovable property. Rex also offers an option for new businesses to “build up” their collateral - a signifigant benefit especially for new businesses.


Between 2.5%% and 5.5% of the guarantee value per annum (excl VAT).


1. Quotation
2 . Acceptance of quotation
3. Furnishing of information
4. Drawing up of security document
5. Signing of security document
6. Payment of Collateral or registration thereof
​7. Issue of guarantee.


Will my landlord accept REX? 
Most property funds accept insurance guarantees – in cases where the property owner insists on a bank guarantee a leading SA bank will be used to lodge the guarantee.

Can an existing bank guarantee be exchanged?
Yes, the guarantee wording is identical to banks. Our team will take care of the process ensuring the seamless exchange of documents.

How long does it take to obtain a guarantee?
About 5 working days subject to all information provided.